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Discover the PEUGEOT Boxer range: roomy, robust, economical and versatile vehicles that are easy to handle. Designed and equipped to provide a long-term response to the needs of business users, the PEUGEOT Boxer also provides all the comfort of an office.



The PEUGEOT Boxer undergoes full and rigorous testing to always stay one step ahead of the needs of business users:

2.2 L BlueHDi enginewith low fuel consumption;
New opening mechanisms, to optimise service life;
A reinforced structure, for acoustic comfort and strength;
New front end design, for greater strength and improved perceived quality;


With a load volume of up to 17 m3 i and the best load width in its class i, the PEUGEOT Boxer is able to adapt to a full range of business activities, with the largest range of GVW options in its class i.


The PEUGEOT Boxer ships with a range of safety functions and driving aids for an easier driving experience:

Rear sensors are standard to help in parking situations
Driver & passenger airbags
HADC technology i for improved speed control when driving downhill
Low tyre pressure monitoring


The PEUGEOT Boxer includes a full range of features to turn the cab into an office on wheels:

Driver’s seat with variable suspension based on weight and an armrest, fully adjustable i
Desk panel, to keep important documents to hand and safely position smartphones and tablets
13 storage compartments for a total 73l; a cup holder is also available


Enjoy efficient features and easy driving . Admire the contemporary, robust look of the new front end.

The PEUGEOT Boxer has gained a new front end, underlining its contemporary, robust looks:

New large bumper for maximum protection
New bonnet with prominent lines
New headlamps with bulb or LED DRLs, optional depending on versions
At the rear, the new lights echo the styling upgrade.

The PEUGEOT Boxer gains in elegance and perceived quality with its functional, comfortable interior.

The steering wheel adopts a more contemporary look, immediately conveying a sense of robust strength.

The dashboard gains a new control panel while the seats are upholstered in the new black Darko cloth, with touches of red and grey.


For maximum comfort, the suspension height of the driver’s seat i can be adjusted to reflect the driver’s weight i.

The lumbar adjustment function and armrest i on the driver’s seat contribute to high standards in comfort.

The PEUGEOT Boxer keeps you safe in all situations, with:

Redesigned shock absorber mounts, ensuring vehicle stability when laden.
A braking system of even greater efficiency for improved performance and safety.
A reinforced structure with a crumple zone at the front to soak up the energy released on impact.
These reinforcements also contribute to the acoustic comfort of your vehicle.


With a choice of body styles, sizes and accessories, the PEUGEOT Boxer adapts to all your requirements with a range of functional features that set the standard.

Wide access on the PEUGEOT Boxer, with opening angles of between 96° and 270° i, for easy loading and unloading.

Swing doors of up to 2.03m in height, for a best-in-class load width of 1,422 mm i.

To make life even easier, the load sill is among the lowest on the market, at between 493 and 602 mm. It may vary by 14 cm i with the optional pneumatic self-levelling suspension.


The PEUGEOT Boxer gross vehicle weights is of around 4 tonnes



The PEUGEOT Boxer exists in 3 different body styles, depending on the length, height and version selected.

Load volume varies with each option, from 10 to 17 m³, placing the vehicle on a par with the best in class.

To maximise load space, the PEUGEOT Boxer features an optimised floor width between wheel arches of 1.422 m, ranking among the best on the market.

The maximum width inside the vehicle is 1.870m.


The braking system has been completely redesigned, resized and reinforced to improve both acoustic comfort and efficiency. Equipped with four disc brakes as standard, the braking system on the PEUGEOT Boxer is durable and efficient.

To improve your visibility, the PEUGEOT Boxer can be fitted with polycarbonate fog lamps i integrated in the lower part of the bumper.

To protect vehicle occupants in the event of impact, the PEUGEOT Boxer is equipped with airbags: one driver airbag and one front passenger airbag.

Structural reinforcement of the PEUGEOT Boxer:
– a reinforced structure with a crumple zone at the front to soak up the energy released on impact
– a rigid steel structure forming a block to protect passengers, reinforced front doors contributing to the overall level of stiffness
– a front axle sized to transmit part of the energy under the body in the event of a head-on collision
– limited upward movement of the pedal assembly and steering column in order to protect the driver.



2.2l HDi 130 and 150

Delivers a power of 130HP with torque of 320 Nm at 2,000 rpm. These characteristics make it ideal for short hops in the city as well as for longer journeys.