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With its major inventions and its myriad of successes, Peugeot has written some of the finest pages of automotive history.
And with new challenges for the 21st century, the Peugeot adventure continues.



Considered by most to be the Father of Peugeot, Jean-Pierre Peugeot was born in 1734 and over the course of his life, made many forays into industry with a weaving business, a dye works, an oil mill and a grain mill.

But it was in 1810 that the Peugeot family business began to put down its engineering roots when Jean-Pierre’s two sons, Jean-Pierre II and Jean-Frédéric, founded Peugeot Frères.

They transformed their father’s old grain mill into a steel foundry and turned their engineering skills to a wide range of steel products, making everything from coffee grinders and springs to saws and umbrella frames.
The spirit of innovation had been born…


Modern cars need to achieve more than ever before, offering comfort and performance alongside being economical and efficient.

Peugeot’s long history in motoring technology puts it in a strong position to support the evolving needs of the motorist, offering cutting edge technology without sacrificing driving enjoyment.

Its innovative interior design supplies the versatility to suit a variety of lifestyles and requirements, giving the driver the best experience possible, regardless of the journey.


The i-Cockpit consists of four elements: a compact steering wheel for an intense dynamic feel, head-up dials so that you can read information without taking your eyes off the road, an impressive high central console and a large touch-screen for an intuitive driving experience.

Its components constitute a unique positioning in the automotive world, enabling you to enjoy unique driving sensations and experience even greater pleasure behind the wheel.


The front and rear parking aid tells you how close you are to any obstacle that enters the detection field by emitting audible beeps that repeat faster or more slowly according to the distance from the obstacle.

The reversing camera is automatically activated when you engage reverse gear and helps you see any obstacle behind the vehicle.

Also discover Park Assist, a parking assistance system that can be switched on by the driver when required.